David Silberberg

\"Portrait640px\"Self Portrait, 2013


Left: Booming on This Ain\’t No Mouse Music, 2011, Right: Left to Right; David Silberberg, Les Blank, Harrod Blank at Burning Man circa 1997


Equipment Package: as of November 2013


Recorders / Mixers:
Sound Devices 788t HDD recorder
Sound Devices 744t HDD recorder
NEW! Sound Devices 633 mixer with integrated multitrack recording

Boom Mics:
Schoeps- 4 CMC with capsules: 2 MK41 hypercardiods, 1 MK4 cardiod, and 1 MK5 omni/cardiod
Nuemann KMR-81 short shotgun
Senneheiser MK-70 long shotgun mic
Schoeps bidirectional figure-of-8 capsule + set-up for MS stereo recording
Assorted booms and windscreens

1 Lectrosonics SR system with SMQV xmtrs on block 22
4 Lectrosonics 411, blocks 19 & 25, UMa xmtr, 1 UH xmtr
Sanken COS-11 Lavs

Countryman B6 lavaliers

Dynamic / Handheld Mics:
Sennheiser MD46
Shure Sm58

Studio Mic:
Nuemann U87

Denecke ts–3 Time Code Slate
and also a Denecke TS-1 slate with sb3

Comtek Monitoring system
Assorted accessories,
Sony Headphones, Ford Van, Carts, cables, cases….

B A Theater Arts, UC Santa Cruz 1987
Cine Golden Eagle Award for Wild Wheels

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