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Providing professional sound mixing and recording for film and television since 1989, with expertise in various production types.

David Silberberg with audio kit

MY Story

1992 to present: I started my career recording low-budget independent films in the 1990s. These films provided me with a training ground for location sound mixing. I’ve also been fortunate enough to boom operate for some excellent Bay Area sound mixers: Bob Gitzen, Dan Gleich, Peter Bettendorff, Michael Emery, and others. In 1999, I was a boom operator on the feature film “Playing Mona Lisa” and learned many important things working with the great Hollywood cinematographer James Glennon. Bay Area cameraman Henry Young brought me into the world of fast-paced broadcast news production, which included mixing live segments. I worked with director Steve Olpin of Salt Lake City on his extreme sports films about Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist. I learned about recording acoustic music while working with renowned producer Chris Strachwitz during the filming of “This Ain’t No Mouse Music.” And I learned countless lessons about documentary filmmaking from working with legendary filmmaker Les Blank. Today, I have a variety of clients in the corporate television and independent film worlds.


Recorders / Mixers:

• Sound Devices 833 mixer-recorder

• Sound Devices 633 mixer with integrated multitrack recording

• Sound Devices 788t recorder – with CL9 control surface

Boom Mics:

• Schoeps- multiple CMC5 and CMC6, with variety of capsules: MK41, MK4, MK2, MK8, BL03

• Sanken CS3-3e shotgun (x 2)

• DPA 4017b short shotgun

• Sennheiser MK70 long shotgun


• Lectrosonics 411 systems , 6 channels 

• Lectrosonics SMQV, SMDWB transmitters

• Sanken COS-11d lavalier mics 

• Countryman B6 subminiature lavalier mics

Other Mics:

• Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenser, original version (x1)

• Shure SM58 dynamic (x3)

• Sennheiser MD46 – reporter’s long handheld dynamic (x1)

• AKG C1000s electret condenser handheld (x2)

• Sony 680s MS stereo shotgun (x1)

Time Code Slate

• Denecke ts–3


• Comtek PR216 (x6)

• Sennheiser ewG4 IEM with Sony phones (x1)

• Crate taxi amp-speaker 

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Meet David Silberberg

Professional Sound Man, mixing and recording for film and television since 1989, from run-and-gun documentaries to complex multicam, multitrack productions. Over 20 years experience on all kinds of documentaries, reality shows, narratives, network and cable television, indy and corporate productions. Final Cut Pro Editor and award Winning documentary film-maker. (for Wild Wheels and Oh My God! Itʼs Harrod Blank! )

Specializing in everything from run-and-gun documentaries to complex multi-cam and multi-track projects, David Silberberg is the go-to expert for your audio needs.

Contact: P.O. Box 725, El Cerrito, California 94530, USA
Tel: (510) 847-5954

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